In addition to the key agency activities of facilitating the buying and selling of international resort property, we can also assist with the following ancillary services:

Investment Advice

Based on market data/knowledge and a network of connections, we can identify and bring to your attention international property investment opportunities to match your income and capital growth objectives. Through proactive discussions with vendors and developers, we can also provide bespoke real estate solutions tailored to your investment goals.

Legal Advice

Many of the legal issues, costs and procedures associated with international property acquisitions and sales are very different to those that apply to buyers and sellers in their country of residence. A clear understanding these topics is critical to safely complete your overseas property transaction.

Tax Advice

When buying or selling overseas property the tax considerations can be very complicated. We can provide some straightforward guidance on matter such as transactional taxes, capital gains tax and taxes on rental income. We can also recommend a professional accounting and/or legal firm for more in-depth technical analysis.


For the Spanish property market, we can refer you to a reputable and highly experienced mortgage broker specialising in expat property finance.