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Clarita de Quiroz,

Prolific singer, songwriter and model, originally from Scotland

David’s attention to detail and stringent standards shape the company’s unique portfolio. Every property featured on Charlesdel goes through a robust selection process, ensuring a blend of quality, aesthetic appeal, and long-term value. From tranquil beach resorts to vibrant city apartments, David’s keen understanding of diverse market sectors is evident.

The cornerstone of Charlesdel’s success is its commitment to personalized service. David and his team take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and preferences. This client-centric approach ensures a tailored, seamless experience.

David prioritizes client satisfaction above all, and the whole Charlesdel team, each an expert in their chosen location, is dedicated to making your property search as satisfying and rewarding as possible. Every client interaction reflects this commitment, showcasing David’s leadership and the company ethos.

Having known David since 2017, I can honestly say, in the world of luxury real estate, Charlesdel, under David’s guidance, distinguishes itself through a unique portfolio, tailored services, and client satisfaction.

Iain Tiltman,

Co-agent, managing partner of Phuket Property Network

I have only worked with David for a very short time, but I have been literally blown away by his drive, & dedication which has allowed him to realise, within an extremely aggressive timeframe, his ambitious project of creating a truly cutting-edge, AI-enabled luxury real estate agency. By his forceful nature and extremely high intelligence, he has managed to leverage the incredible power of AI and Charlesdel has of course, grown at an exponential rate. It only took one week for David, and his partner, Ilion, to list all of my luxury villas in Phuket whilst at the same time, listing stock in 2 other areas and carrying out the substantial day-to-day task of managing a luxury real estate company.

I’m sure that Charlesdel will live up to its mission statement of harnessing its profits of pioneering and championing the use of artificial intelligence, by providing highest levels of service to its real estate clients, for the enduring benefit and sustainability of our planet – the wheels have already been set in motion.

Mark Creig,

CEO at Paramount Properties

I have been in the real estate business myself for a long time and I’m not easily impressed but David stands out as a true inspiration to us all, with his vision, drive, and sheer force of will, you could say an unstoppable force, he has finally achieved his goal of delivering this visionary real estate company with the most the most noble of mission statements: Our mission is to harness our profits to pioneer and champion the use of artificial intelligence for the enduring benefit and sustainability of our planet.

But, I can tell you his journey to become the type of individual who could carry out such an incredible feat, not only required him being extremely smart, but also hugely resilient and determined, overcoming huge adversities along the way.